2010 New to us want new bimini


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Hello I picked up our new 20' Bennington yesterday and will be working on it this weekend before we take it to the marina for high and dry on the gulf.
It is in need of a new Bimini. The existing one is a single factory top and the frame is good. I like how the Bennington frame works. Solid well built and easy to put up and take down. I also want to add a front section top and would like the frame to be the same type. My issue is both distance and $$. The nearest dealer is like 40 miles away. I understand from reading here that the dealer can order me the replacement top and I'm sure I can install that one on the existing frame but will I be able to get the frame and top for the front that will zip onto the original and be able to install it myself? Or would it be possible for a canvas person to build the new section with a Bennington frame not using the dealer?
I will be calling the dealer on Monday probably but wonder if any of you has some guidance here.
Both options are correct. Dealer or a decent upholstery shop should be able to take care of you.