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Hi, I am anxiously awaiting my new 2550 GSR. I need to alter my boat lift with new bunks. Anyone know the best configuration for this. The boat has solid keels
This is ours. 

Don't know what tube package you have but for an ESP, Bennington requires two V bunk supports under each tube for at least 2/3 the length of the tube (or more). You can see my lift in my gallery.
thank you.
I have a lift with carpeted bunks for a v hull. can I just use them laid flat? they are made up of 2 2x10s bolted together and the carpet wrapped. they are 12 feet long.
My bunks are southern yellow pine laid flat--two 2x6's time three.  I have them running 3' from the stern to the back seam of the nosecones--about 18'.

My toons look like new as the bunks are 3' or more out of the water much of the time.  (No waves ever lap up on them.) 

My lengthwise bolster boards are carpeted, and they flare out 2' at the stern on each side--3' above my 4" channel steel framework.  When waves are heavy, I get the nose cones inside the flare and the rack centers itself under my boat.  With a 14' wide boathouse, I can easily get inside.
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