Any one here on the Harris Chain?

Wow, I was reading this and was picturing everything as written .....
We'll be down that way before the year is up for vacation so I'll have to check it out. I actually proposed to my wife on cocoa beech so we already have some history there!
I just posted a few pics on the Gallery of some views and fishing from the area.
Nice views and fishing down there. Isn't homeowners insurance a hassle to get there on the coast?
more so beachside.. it's really not that difficult along the river or anywhere that is just a little inland.
Dang, your right up from Patrick AFB .... I deployed there back in summer of 86 after the Challenger accident ..... was a somber time, but a beautiful area.
Try Punta Gorda, Ft. Myers area.  Great fishing tons of tooners everywhere.  Am trading in my 20 SF for a 22 SF with a 150 Yamaha.  Can get anywhere here by water.  Love the area.
Wife and I just bought a small winter home in Tavares last year. This was our first winter there and it was great! We have a boat house on a canal that feeds to Dora Canal. From there we can go into lake Eustes and lake Harris or lake Dora. It's a great boating area and is one of the reasons we brought there.

Haven't had a chance to do much boating there yet - we just bought a 2011 Bennington 20Sli a few weeks before we returned up north.

Being a boater I think U will love the area!!
I started a new job about a year ago up here so we'll see if I make it down there any time soon. My cousin works in Tavares.
Wife and I are looking to buy a condo on a canal in the cape Corral area. We have traveled the southern leg of Fl. fairly extensively everything south of Orlando and Tampa, have not been north of there yet, have meant to but things seem to keep us south the last few years and keep coming back to cape Corral Ft Meyers area as our favorite having traveled from Orlando to Daytona down to key west up through the center past Okeechobee and along the southern tier though the glades and up to Tampa a couple times and no matter what we both still love the south west gulf coast area the best.

I am selling a rental property herein Bismarck this summer and will start looking hot and heavy for a place to reinvest down there.
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My wife are seriously thinking about making the move south at the end of the year, beginning of next year and seem to have targeted the area of Tavares. Any one on the chain down there that can provide some insight? Thanks
Our property is a few hundred feet off of Lake Harris. Our Bennington is in the Venetian Cove Marina in Leesburg on Lake Harris. Tavares is on Lake Dora. Unless you have a trailer for your boat (we don't as we have a slip), you have to go through the Dora Canal to get to Lake Eustis and then to the other lakes. While the canal is beautiful, it is narrow and congested on the weekends. The best marinas are on Lake Harris. You can get to Lake Eustis via the Dead River, which is beautiful and wide. Lake Eustis connects to Lake Griffin via Haynes Creek which is very pretty, but requires you go through a lock.