Attaching trickle charger

My opinion ! Don't even bother with the Charger. Hear stories of them catching on fire. Just remove Battery cable.
Remove all of the cables from negative post. Zip tie them together so one doesn't get missed next spring!
I personally know a guy that lost his pontoon to a shed fire last winter. Fire was started by battery maintainer on someone else's boat.
The fire inspector told him that many fires are started by....
battery maintainers
cell phone chargers
cordless tool chargers
We are all guilty of leaving these things plugged in!
We had our dealer install a ProSportHD20Plus so I can just plug it in, our boat sits in our slip on a lift year round. I plan to keep them on charge over the winter, but may not need to during the summer months. Attached is a picture of the installation that keeps all 3 batteries charged.IMG_7310.jpgIMG_7309.jpg
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