Bennington Mini Reunion on Tablerock

Hey guys..... Nouthing I would love more than to get back down there. I was watching home video's of out last trip down and sure gave me the itch to be back.  Unfortunately I don't see any opportunities to come see youn guys. Heading to Colorado in two weeks to go explore the backcountry on UTV's. Looking forward to that but its gonna take away a trip to the lake.

Hope you guys are having fun and all is well.
Hey Guys,

I am still around just soooooooo busy that we have only been on the water about 1 time every 3 weeks or so. We did finally get to the 20 hour mark and did the service last week. With the new granddaughter in San Antonio and a busy year at work well, you guys know how it goes!!!!

I would love to get hooked up with some of you guys this late summer early fall. I agree that the best time on the lake is after labor day while the water is still in the 80's.

We are leaving Wed for San Antonio for another week to see the kids. Lots of fun, just takes time from other things.

I hope to see some of you this fall on the lake. We have seen a black and bronze Bennington a couple times and a blue and bronze one early in the summer.


Marc, we have a 2275GS (13) that is champagne with black stripping. We have been on the lake several time recently since we got her back from having a toon replaced. If you should be around and see us give us a HONK.

handshake, stan
Hey Tablerock Peeps!!!! 

How are you guys doing? It's been a long time since I've been on here. Time goes by fast and already missing the water with this cold snap. Got the toon out a couple times here but the lake we frequent has that Blue Algae thing. It's nasty in places. Like boating in a green swamp. You would not believe it. Took that UTV trip to Colorado and rode the mountain trails. Beer tastes just as good at 11,000 feet as it does at 1,000. We had a blast and plan on going back next year.

Hope you guys are all doing well. We have our standing reservation for Tablerock next year. We will get there on the 4th. Make plans to meet UP( as in go up the creek)  in the Big Creek channel (marker 20). I have some friends up there and they put on a GREAT fireworks show.

Happy Holidays and you all be safe

We will be making the big journey to Tablerock Lake again this summer. First time there with the Bennington. We arrive on the 3rd. Will be there July 3 - 11. If there is a tie-up, we'll be there.
We will have to get something planned after the holidays!

Hey Tablerock peeps:

Wake up!!!!!!! It's time to start getting ecxcited about our 2nd annual Bennington Mini Re-Union.

First tie up is July 4th evening up in Big Creek (Marker 20. About a mile or so up the creek). there will be a great fireworks show. This is a private individual that puts on the show. It has been very entertaining in the past. Donations are appreciated but not required.

Start making plans.Looking forward to seeing you all again and some for the first time.
Toon'r, it is time to wake up and get ready to get on the lake!  We will not be able to make the tie up on the evening of July 4 as we will have a ton of relatives at the house for a family reunion and will watch the Kimberling City fireworks from the house.  Have fun and maybe we can get together another time.

Toon'r are you planning more than one tie up. Our toon is repaired and ready to go this year.
Definately tie up again later on in the week. Will get input from the rest and see what day works best. Will probably plan to meet at Hydes Hollow, marker 16 again. Seemed to work OK last year. It's kind of centrally located for most I think.
July 7, 8, or 9 will work best for us and Hydes Hollow is a good place to float.

Ok Jack.... Thats a start on dates. I'm pretty open as it's just vacation for us.

Everybody else.....Post the dates that are convenient for you and we will get something set in stone. Or water as it were......

Just wanted you to know that I was wearing the WSU shirt you gave me while watching them defeat KU - think it is good luck!

Ok guys, it's time to start getting in the lake state of mind.  First tie up is the 4th for the fireworks show as noted above.......

We are looking at July 7 8 or 9 for the next one...

What date will work for the majority??????
Come on Table Rockers!  What is a good date for you to meet up and get one of Tony's free beers??  I will probably have some of that Chili Pepper beer to sample if you like spicy.  Let's hear what date(s) will work.  I can make either July 7, 8, or 9 work so what works for you??


Talked to my friends from the lake the other day, they were pretty sure that the fireworks show for us at Big Creek was going to be on Sunday eve the 5th. I hope that works better for everyone.

We will definately be anchored to watch the show. Marker 20
We might still have too much company on Sunday. Will check to see when all are heading home.

Where is everyone???

The 4th is fast approaching, Where are all of you guys at?

Lets get a time set up to get together
Everyone must be busy with other activities or something.  I can still make it on July 7, 8, or 9.  How about all the other folks on Table Rock??

Those dates look good for us. Just let us know which one and we will gas her up and see you there.

handshake, stan