Blackout vs aluminum heat issue.


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Someone was asking the other day about blackout vs plain aluminum.
I have the blackout package and I was putting gas in boat today. I noticed when I had my hand on black Bimini railing it was warm but not uncomfortable at all. This section was facing due south and zero clouds in sky at 2:30pm, so it was getting all the sun. I then found a piece of plain aluminum in same conditions and it was crazy hot, so hot I couldn’t keep a hand on it. I was shocked to experience this, I’m guessing that the black radiates the heat back and the silver aluminum just retains it. I would’ve lost a bet on that one. I may stop by dealer and grab a piece of Bimini scrap in black and a scrap in plain and do a real test.
If you test the plain with the black, please report back. I would have thought the black would have been hotter than plain aluminum too.
I know my floor gets hot when it's time to crawl in and set the poles, and I'm in Michigan!
Yeah I’m quite surprised how “cool” my blackout is in mid-day sun. Like Jack said, my floor gets extremely hot (sea grass), definitely hotter than the blackout rails.
I concur about the blackout rails. They don’t get nearly as bad as I would have thought.
If anyone thinks their seats get too hot , Bennington now offers cooling/heated seats .
If anyone thinks their seats get too hot , Bennington now offers cooling/heated seats .
We do think this in the midst of summer. And my wife finds it uncomfortably cool for fall boating - which I would otherwise do more often.

This is a new option I am better off not knowing about. I will now go and pretend I didn’t read this reply…. I cannot afford ANY PADS! :D
Check out the price on the build site.
Oh great! Don’t tempt me to upgrade my Benny any higher.. Surprised they don’t have cold water spritzers coming out of the bimini’s yet. (Maybe we should design and patent that idea Jack)?!?!
Some 2024 models now offer Heated and Cooling seats .
I have no idea why the price difference ,both were copied off of the same build .

Heated/Cooled V2 Pure Comfort Luxury Recliner (R/Q/QX) $3,071

Heated/Cooled V2 Pure Comfort Luxury Recliner (2)
I think the first price is for 1 seat.