Carl Wagner (CWAG911)

Thanks for keeping us updated BK
Best wishes.... get well soon..
Sending our thoughts and prayers for Carl!
Really sorry to see this. Hang in there Carl. You have a lot people praying for you.
Keep the positive thoughts flowing. The situation is still dire but last two updates from this morning contained some positive notes. I'll probably be heading there shortly.
Sending thoughts and prayers to Carl and his family. Specifically praying for wisdom for the doctors and nurses.
C'mon Carl, we're all pulling for you!
Carl is still very much in critical condition but he grew well enough for a planned move to a facility better equipped to wean him off the machines that they had to put him on for the surgery. These procedures (called ecmo) were not available a decade or two ago. His surgeon, who yesterday delivered routine updates with a solemn undertone, delivered the news of improvement with a lot more pep, as if he were surprised himself. Again, long road ahead and he's still not out of the dangerous woods, but with cautious optimism I'll say it's looking a little better than it did 24 hours ago.
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Pulling for you, Carl. Keep fighting.
Prayers to him and his family for a full recovery.
Hang in there, Carl.
Would it be appropriate for one of the Mods to pin this to the top so we can pop in and see any updates on Carl?