Electrocution On Lake

I just saw an add for a weed blower that mounts to your dock. In the sales video they had an extension cord powering the unit that was looping up to the motor. There were kids playing 3 feet from the blower that was plugged in. If one of those kids knocked the cord out it would be in the water, scary.

Not a good thing,....and yes,...had that cord been knocked out,and landed in the water,...darn right it would have been scary!
My father was famous for not wearing his glasses when working around his lake house. He cut the Romex going to our boathouse with the lawn mower. He's mistakenly spliced the wires black to white, white to black--disrupting the polarity. Next time he took a swim, he was just about electrocuted. Some how, he got out of the water. He had been wondering why so many dead fish were floating around that week.

A few years later, the wiring was bad. I came into the bathhouse at night and saw sparks fly when the boat touched the cables. My father was up to his old tricks.

Another issue is most boathouses do not have the proper exterior Romex wiring or proper conduit from the house. Water puddles behind seawalls and regular Romex rots and shorts out which is very hazardous to walkers.

No offense intended,...but apparently someone didn't learn their lesson the first time. He was lucky to get out of the water!
We almost lost my father to electrocution when swimming. He cut the Romex wire with the lawn mower, and didn't wear his glasses when splicing the wires white to black, black to white. The polarity really matters on electric motors, but not at all on dock lights.

I knew there was a problem a second time--he did it again. I'd come in at night and see sparks when my pontoon boat touched the cables going into the water.