Happy Birthday to ..... CHECK IN DAILY !!!!

Dec 3rd:

sunnyside360 (70)

Eagle 1 (62)
Thank you, Daril.

And Happy 70th Birthday sunnyside360!

Happy Birthday to both of you!
Dec 4th:

Vans_World (42)
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Happy Birthday to Vans_World!
Dec 7th:

Nap22 (38)
Dec 8th:

Nick (36)
Dec 9th:

boatnut40 (62)
HBD guys!
Dec 10th:

Bull (53)
Happy Birthday's to those with December birthdays.
Dec 12th:


Boat girl (61)
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Happy Birthday Dan and all!!
Happy Birthday Kaydano!  And of course Happy Birthday to Boat girl as well!
Happy Birthday to Kaydano (Dan?) and Boat girl, and Happy Birthday to Nap 22, Nick, boatnut40 and Bull and to everyone else that I have forgotten!
Dec 13th:

rpm (43)

scharmack (48)
Happy Birthday Kaydano and all the others!!!
 Kaydano get his iPAD?
Dec 15th:

Swordfish (44)
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