Informational video: Quick clip use and removing, stowing, opening and covering easily.


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Thanks to Bob Sell @ F&S Yamaha & Marine for teaching me about the Quick Clip trick.

This is a video I made for using the quick clips, how to stow cover neatly by rolling, and unrolling for easy covering. Note: This is the way I've uncovered and covered for years and it's pretty fast and simple, vs. balling up the cover then trying to figure out the front from the rear.

As I state in the video, if you don't have a side door zipper, get one installed. It makes a world of difference. 3-1/2 years of climbing in on hands and knees ..... no more. Now I can just stoop down, and walk in.

Just an FYI ... time to uncover and roll .... MAYBE 4-5 minutes. Time to unroll and cover, again MAYBE 4-5 minutes. If you roll it up as shown, there's no guesswork to unrolling. The rear is always at the outer edge of the roll with the puddle strap.

Great post, sir! Covering the pontoon can be quite an effort without the tops you've provided, especially like the way you roll up the cover to be ready. No guesswork and much faster than guessing on your orientation and being wrong, then having to flip it around. Thanks for the videos!