Is OEM vinyl available for a 2012 model Bennington?


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Florence, AL--Tennessee River
All of a sudden, I had about 10 cuts on the rear facing lounge bed--very light tan in color. I blame it on Big Bird, our neighborhood blue heron, for using my boathouse to watch for fish trolling by. No dogs have ever been on our boat.

I also have 3-4 vinyl cuts in my seats--some of which may be from fishing lures from fishermen casting into my boathouse. Does anyone know how to obtain the OEM off white vinyl so I can have the seats repaired?

The worse problem is the front of a G series driver's seat armrest. That seat must be completely disassembled to remove the armrest, and it'd be a very difficult repair. It might require purchasing a completely new driver's seat to get the color right.

Please help!