Lake Bowen, SC.


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upstate SC.
I see a lot of Benny's on the lake but never see anything on the forum from those owners. Just wondering if there are any Lake Bowen Captains out there that read or participate on the forum? We trailer to the lake during the week, no weekends, the lake is too busy and crazy 
I am also surprised at the number of benny's I see on our lake and there is just myself and one other from our lake on here.  There is a large seasonal RV park a little south of us on the lake and while riding my seadoo I went to their dock area and counted 8 Benningtons [3 of them with 150 Yamahas] 

We love to trailer our bennie to other nearby lakes/rivers to experience different views, etc. Tell me a little about Lake Bowen please.

I assume you may go east to Woodfin Ridge, how far west can you travel? After going under I-26 is there much more room to travel?

What about depths?

Any places to eat on the lake?

I'm up for a mid week Lake Bowen trip :)

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I bet we have at least 100 or more on ours, and I've only seen one other poster on forum.

Lake Bowen is not that big Three sections to it. West of route 26 there is a section the is like a good size pond but a pretty ride to see the homes and in the background north the mountains. East of route 26  is the main section of  the lake 3.5 miles long. East of the route 9 bridge the lake portion is 22 miles but at the far east side near the dam around the corner near the BIG houses it's great to anchor and swim.30+ feet deep and clear to about 15' down.

Average depth is 20 to 30' They have two launch ramps so you can choose the off wind ramp. No Beaches. One restaurant near by but no boat tie up. Bring a lunch. You can go in and out a number of inlets looking at homes. Its great during the week that's when we go. Very few boaters then Weekends are crazy. Jet skies. tubes, speed boats, etc.

We go west to Lake Keowe. In fact we hope to get out there next Wed. or Thur. If the weather is so so we'll be back to Bowen
We go west to Lake Keowe. In fact we hope to get out there next Wed. or Thur. If the weather is so so we'll be back to Bowen
We really like Lake Keowee, I spent a fair amount of time on Lake Jocassee many years ago. I remember Jocassee having those high bluffs, a waterfall or two, and cold deep water. The upstate is really beautiful.

Thx for the heads up on Bowen.

Steve where are you located? We also go to Lake Murray (A BIG LAKE) at Dreher Island Park there are a couple of places to beach where there is sand. The water is warm not always clear from RED wash from shore banks.
We are on Lake Murray, we grew up on the lake and still have a home on it. We are near Lake Murray Marina and the new Liberty On The Lake. About a 6 to 8 mile ride from Dreher Island.

There are a few nice sandy places but the weekends are wild and crazy. We stay away from Sandy Beach etc. on the weekends, those kids are way to wild & crazy for us.... plus we may run into our kids doing stuff I don't want to see.... I know, we did the same years ago :) I swear I don't remember drinking solely to get drunk.

We really enjoy the lake during the week days, much more lazy and laid back, great sunsets, smooth water and the grill is hot.

btw: leaving Dreher Island go to your right up the lake (not the river) and you will find South Lake Marina with Captain's Choice Marine right next door, they are the on the lake Bennington dealer.

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We may be at Murray for a day the week of July 7 or 14. We'll launch at Dreher an go over to the sand beach not too far from Bomb Island. To bad there aren't more beach areas on the lake it's so beautiful. We've traveled all around the lake even to Captains Choice Marine. Been up the Saluda a ways stopped at  Buffalo Cove and gone down to the Dam. Hope to run into you
I'll look out for that good looking boat! We will be out, may go up the river. One thing for sure we will have a breeze in our face, the humidity has set in.

Forgot, June 28 is the fireworks about 9:15 if that works in your schedule it really is awesome. They shoot them from two locations, tune your radio to 106.7 to hear the music they are sync to. Careful after, lots of nuts out there. We usually float around for an hour and let the lake clear out. As large as the lake is it looks like you could walk across it from boat to boat.

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StevL  if your still on here we're staying at a Villa in Dreher in August and bringing the Benny with us. looking forward to do some boating and swimming there. Is Buffalo Bills still open? Hope to do some lunch dining at different stops on the lake while we're there. Maybe we'll see you there?
Well they've let the water drop over 2 feet this winter at Lake Bowen  The Water Dept. was to do some wall work around the park. That started last October. Bolders have been brought in and dumped but as of now nothing has been done to place them  The lake is still down  and I'm getting concerned that the wall work may not get done and when it does finish there may not be enough mountain run off to get the lake back to it's normal level. There goes my thoughts of wetting the toons in mid March. Darn!
Hey high pond, newbie to the site and also to owning my first pontoon or boat. We are going to lake Bowen tomorrow for our first time out. Really love the area. I hope it goes well!
Corky Cruiser, welcome to the club. We'll be out of commission for a while. Had knee surgery. We trailer our Benny to the lake as often as we can. live in Boiling Springs.Generally anchor around the corner from the dike and swim. The water is clearer there and just as warm as the rest of the lake. Look forward to seeing you out there. How big and what color is the boat. We have a 20' Tan color GL. and love it
Hey high pond, decided to go to hartwell instead of Bowen , but we will be out there soon, we have a 20' black color SL. Worked on the toons all day today, The boat had been in water since last owner purchased new in 2013. Purchased Aluminex today and cleaned them , went pretty well, we started the polish process also , using mothers mag and aluminum polish, what a job , going to have to do alittle at a time. Stay in touch.
Corkey, Lake keowe is a great lake as well. We love going for the day, bring lunch and beach on an island to enjoy the day. The other Lake that we love to visit is Lake Murray. We'll be staying there in late July and then again in August, We use to RV there at the state park now we stay in one of the Villas. They're on the water with a pier. All the best things in life.

One thing about trailering the Benny, it opens up a hole new world of places to see.

I'll be another 4 weeks before I attempt to climb on the boat. Too many stairs. Should be ready to launch again by July 20th.

Where in SC are you located?

You'll love the boat once you get it set=up the way you want it. 90's all this week My timing sucked on getting this knee done. I can't even get into the HOT TUB.
Soooo, after getting the knee was replaced, everything was going fine. Plenty of movement back and level. Some pain but that comes with the operation. Operated on Tuesday the 9th, Home on Thursday the 11th. Who knew that all the meds they gave me to control Blood Pressure, Thin my Blood, Sugar, Swelling,  and other things would react on Tuesday the 16th. Wed. checked into Emergence room, This time cardiac dept. More blood drawn. All sorts of electric tests. Stayed until Saturday he 20th. Conclusion TOOOOOO many different types of pills reacted in the body to near total collapse. Blood pressure to 88/48. doing fine now. The knee through all this has been doing great. Staples come out Friday. May get a chance to climb onto the Benny mid July.

It's been to hot for boating since I got laid up  Now I'm getting restless to get out, maybe this weekend should be in the 80's
Wow! And here I am complaining about peeing my pants and wearing diapers. Glad it got straightened out.
Hey Highpond, glad it all is getting straightened out, you certainly deserve to get a ride on that Benny in the very near future.

As for you CWag, I would think this a result from your recent procedure but there a possibility of this being just aging.   

Best of luck to both of you.  You will both be in my prayers this evening