Moving to new area. Transporting pontoon.


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Hi all,
There is a good possibility I will be moving from St Pete to the Clermont area in the next few months. I do not have a trailer for my 2013 22R.
Any suggestions on trailer rental or getting it moved across state?
You might discuss with your dealer or the marina. I know our dealer will transport local for a fee. You could also check some of the on-line shipping company’s. being one of them.
Someone else recently posted a similar situation of purchasing a boat a fair distance from where they live. Can't remember the name of the post, but they were looking for information on having it trucked to them. You might find some worthwhile info there. Good luck with the move!
For the price of the transport you could try to buy a used trailer, and even the new ones without brakes are not that expensive. This assumes you have a vehicle that can pull the unit. You would then have a trailer in case you want to try other waters. If you don't have a place to park it you can check with some storage places on having it parked outside, or maybe an friend has some room. Or, you could sell it and recoup most of your money.
Ron, since the moving distance is so short (100 miles), I would think a local Bennington dealer could easily move your boat, such as, Apopka Marine or Gary’s Boating Center (Lake Wales, my dealer), for a fee, move her. Both dealers are about an hour from Clermont.

Please keep us posted on your progress!