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Took my privacy cushion off to sew several areas where threads were coming apart. (Toon not under warranty). I have a 2014 SF22. So the inserts in the plywood were rotted and fell apart when I took the bolts out. The bolts to re-attach have nothing to bite into. I tried flange inserts - didn't hold even with loctite glue. If I use the gas struts and close the top, too much force on the hinge. I can't set a nut in the wood for the bolt to screw into (no way I can think of to set it and keep it there).

I was wondering if anyone has taken the hinge off and moved it over a little bit. That way I can bite into some wood. Or has anyone added another hinge in the middle.

If you have and other suggestions, please give them to me.
Talk to your dealer, some items have a lifetime warranty. I don't know if that part is but, it sure can't hurt to ask.
I'm trying to remember my 2013 , can you flip it around ?
Use wood hardener, minwax is one of several brands. That will strengthen the rotted soft wood. Fill in hole with baking soda, then add super glue to the powder, it will harden immediately. Let cure, then drill hole for screw. Check YouTube for ideas and application.
Could you glue and screw a square block (maybe 6”x6”) of mahogany or oak to the base and reattach to that. It would only affect the strut length by 3/4” thickness.
Good idea too. A variation - Maybe starboard screwed into good wood would work.
Metal plate. Then either reverse the bolt with a lock washer under the plate, or drill a hole above/below the location of the bolt to hold / thread a nut.
Same thing happened to our old Bennington. I used a larger diameter wood screw in the same hole. Of course you have to drill out the bracket a bit. But it worked!!!