Photobucket is back


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Not sure how many of you have used photobucket over the years for forums like these, but until last year, it was free for them to "host 3rd party pics" on forums like this one.
Sometime last year they started charging over $300 for this same service so many people, including me did not pay, so our pics showed up with the dreaded photobucket sux sign.

Now for $99 they offer a basic plan that restores the 3rd party hosting (non commercial) and offers a few more do-dads I figured for $100 a year I'd get all my pics and links working.

I have the Premium 100 plan

Just checked back on this site and all, my pics are now working.

Help for a newby. throughout the forums I see posts referring to a posted photo. for instance "see this product I use". I do not see a "tab", etc to view the attached photo.
what am I doing wrong?
Are you on a PC or iPad?