Prop refit 2012 Q30 tritoon with 250 hp Verado Pro


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I have had the above boat heading into 3rd season. Following these forums and talking to others I have developed concern about the prop on my boat is no correct, With 4 people on board I can only get about 25 mph out of it, The Rpms show in the mid 5's. I know I have a larger boat, but feel it should perform better. I have thought about a 4 blade. If anyone out there could give me an idea on how to proceed or maybe my worries are unfounded, i would appreciate any comment.
Welcome stressless! Yes, she’s a big girl but capable of so much more. Based on your rpm’s, you’re definitely over-propped. You should aim for between 6300 and 6600 WOT. What size prop do you currently have?
Piggy-backing off Michiman above, what size prop as well as what type (model) of prop do you have. Your performance should be significant more. Start here with sharing more information so people can try to access what is going on.

A couple of secondary follow up questions and possibilities too: (1) how low is the motor mounted relative to cavitation plate when on plane boating? (2) Are your pontoons clean, or dirty with any kind of build up? (3) Does your boat sit properly in the water, or are there any signs of water in your pontoons?

Finally, here is a link to the LIST YOUR SPECS HERE thread in this forum. You can scroll through a good decade of boat configurations to see which member boats best match yours for hull, size, configuration, and what their performance is with whatever particular motor and prop they are using. It is a great resource for trying compare and figure out what your boat might be capable of doing:

List Your Specs Here
Wow The response is way more than I expected. Thank you. I am traveling and confined by bad weather.Started thinking of nicer weather and the season ahead. Which involves the above. I will get the answers as quick as possible. Thanks for being there.
Here is the Mercury prop selector . I have a Bennington dealer prop chart. I have posted it on the forum in the past . I will repost it tomorrow , ( if I remember) or you can search in the upper right
According to the chart , the Starting point to try on a 250 Verado is 14 5/8 X 17 Enertia . That is a recommended start and work from there
I’m running a 15.6X13 Enertia on my 250 Verado Pro, pushing a GCW 2574. My WOT is 6500 RPM at about 40.5 mph.