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I figured that the two slotted bolts would only be loosened and never be totally removed so can't go too far wrong .........but then there is "murphy's law" so I will take safety precautions when attempting. Maybe add a rope with pulley from above for additional control while performing operation. :rolleyes: Engine weighs like 500 # so should be easy to rig up from a beam, etc.
Yes, caution is well advised! I have "adjusted" the height or our motors several times with the pontoons in very shallow water (have never owned a pontoon trailer) using blocks, prybars, etc. and the hydraulics of the motor itself, by myself. However, I would not recommend solo "shade tree" methods with anything more than 70-115 class motors. As you already know, planning is essential and two people that understand the mechanics of the job are strongly advised for larger motors. With that, the job isn't difficult and after you've done it once is pretty easy...just don't get complacent.