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This seems to be a game changer in the prop world. I wonder what kind of improvement it will make on a toon.

LL, thanks for posting! It should be interesting to see if they can break into the recreational market. I also found it curious that the prop was described as quieter. I didn't realize that props made much, if any, sound. I'm waiting for the SS version.
Bet that's not cheap, even in aluminum.

Interesting design. Never seen anything like that before. Thanks for posting!
Intriguing. Really curious if these results translate to traditional pontoons and Tritoons. Also curious on the costs. All of that said, the test results are incredibly impressive.
I think I'll pick one up, just to have as a spare in case I ding up my existing prop.
On their website the aluminum is $4,500.00 and the SS is $9,000.00

Someone needs to tell them an extra zero was added after someone doubled what they should cost.
With the increase in fuel economy, I can pay it off in 97.3 years. I can see the benefits in a large ship that is burning tons of fuel each voyage.
There are some amazing engineers in the marine world. Lets see "I think there is a market for an outboard powered by a Cadillac engine with a transmission" Lets call it by it's Horsepower rating.
Happy New Year everybody.
Here it is . And that SS is "from " $9000.00 .
I wonder how much faster my boat would be??? :D:D:D
I wonder how much faster my boat would be??? :D:D:D
Coming from being a
I wonder how much faster my boat would be??? :D:D:D
I am a 4 time apba/ superboat national and world champion crew chief (now retired from racing Fountain Power boats) there is no magical props out there. It is true that some props are better and faster than others. Most of the time if you find a 1 to 2 mph gain from one prop to the other you had a good day testing props. Matching prop design and prop pitch is the most important part in picking the correct prop. Most people buy too tall of pitch prop and there boat motor never can reach max engine rpm's If your boat motor will not reach top recommended rpm's you are not acheaving top speed for your boat.
Looks like they're sticking with that asinine pricing plan. I guess they want their R&D paid for in the first couple of months. I hope nobody talks themselves into thinking a "from $4500" for aluminum and "from $9000" for SS is a good idea . . . ever. I didn't notice the "from" before the price last time but it's there now. Unreal.
For a recreational boater it doesn't make sense at all unless you are the type of guy that likes to show off your lower unit to other dudes at the dock for bragging rights. MPS- Micro peni$ syndrome.