Show us your dogs

Gizmo. 16-1/2

10 years old, She goes where we go. Even work!
Never owned a dog but love them. Have dog biscuits in the car, the golf cart, Florida room and shed. All the dogs in the neighborhood know us and we call them customers. Here is a window decal on our car9B18690C-74DD-402E-A09F-0FB393D9639B.jpeg
A Dogs love is unconditional. You can tell the difference between a dogs love and a humans love. Lock your wife and dog in the trunk of your car for an hour. Open it up and see who’s happy to see you ... :D:D:D
Our cockapoo Mia loves the boat. In fact, it’s her boat, we just pay for it.


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I don't have a dog at this time. But in the past we had 3 rescue greyhounds.
"Lucy" desperately wanted out this morning. Our back yard is fenced in about 2800 Sq Ft
Well I soon saw why she wanted out... two rabbits out there. One got away under the yard shed and she caught the other. With the way the rabbit was screaming I knew I would have a carcass to dispose of.
After daylight I went out and there was some fur, no blood & no rabbit.
That doggone dog let it go!
Maybe she knew she'd get more chases out of it this way!