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upstate SC.
Spring has arriver in the Southeast. Today 40's, tomorrow 70's. Get the boat uncovered and get the first ride of the season Friday. :wub: :)
Yup, this up and down weather has to stop sooner or later. Supposed to be 70 here tomorrow also. Tired of the rain too.
I would rather have the rain than the more snow we are getting today up here .
Rain and 44 here!
Got 9 inches of snow yesterday and 43 deg. tomorrow and then the 20's for the weekend. the weather is all over the place here . :huh:
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We've been having some relatively warm days, but the lake's been very, very rough with their 15-25 mph winds.

I cannot finish my leaf blowing as the wind keeps blowing leaves back in my face--instead of down the hill into the lake.

We're going on Spring Break vacation, and just don't have time to deal with the boat.  Upon my return in 2 weeks, it'll be Spring Cleaning for 2-3 weeks. 

Maybe we'll be in the water by 5/15.