Stainless Dock lights

Yes ,low cost upgrade .
Worth it to me from a looks perspective.
I think they make the boat look so much better.
Buying an L ….. get the lights. ;)
Reminds me of a joke I heard in church. A guy gives 3 of his best friends $10,000 each and says to put it in the casket with him when he dies. They all say they will. When the guy dies the first guy keeps the money because he needs it to pay off some debt and besides, he doesn't need it in the casket. The second guy keeps the money to invest in his new business and says that's a better use of the money than burying it in the ground. When the third guy finds out about what the first two have done he is floored. He says, "I can't believe you two. I wrote a personal check for the whole $10,000)".

So, you never know what might be in that casket!
I'm a big Bar Keepers Friend user as well.
So I’m the process of ordering a 22LSR. What are everyone’s thoughts on the stainless dock lights? Must have or can live without?
I love my dock lights and SS Covers - very rugged.