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Nice story Todd. You can't beat the memories made with family at the lake!
Thank you all for the warm comments on my post..  All of my "Club Bennington family" stories are special.  I love to learn something about each of you as the chances are most of us will never meet in person ( :(  ).  This group is full of truely wonderful people.  I have learned so much from this group of people since joining in 2011.  So if you're "trollling" this post and think that your story is not worth posting or if you are in the process of making your 1st story / memory, please share it with the group.  We would all love to see it and comment on it.

On a  more fun OH CRAP note, the water (which I bitched about in length has played a cruel joke on me.  Its has come up apprx 18" and is within 1 " of touching the bottom of my dock that is attached to the seawall.  I will post pics in the gallery for you to see. I can see next years project will be to raise the dock.  CRAP

I will say one last piece of tidbit on my father's wake we had at the cottage.  His Birthday was June 19th 1937.  The day we celebrated his wake and put ashes in the lake in 2010 was not only June 19th (his birthday but also fathers day that year).  Seemed a fitting way to end his legacy.

Now go start telling us about your stories.......

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Great Stories

No Matter Where Your Get-A-Way is

It is your Piece of Paradise

Share it with us here !

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Awesome story Todd! I know you will keep the fire alive and continue to pass it down to younger generations.

I'm still Mcluvin that Enertia prop! Not a mark on it. I took the PVS plugs out, but it performed better with them in.

Thanks for the story!
Dan, that prop was meant to be for your Bennington. It couldn't have found a better home then with you and your family / boat.  Keep her ship shape for me!

Funny how the common love of the water seems to come from our Dads. My story is somewhat the same only maybe not so touchy feely. I'm from a big family who are struggling still (I'm 54) with our different views of our childhood. My view; I think my dad was an awesome man who did what he could. He loved boating, started with a flat-bottom race boat; and moved on to more family oriented boats but never gave up the excitement. I was the daughter who would prove to his friends that his kids could ski in any condition. Move on past the divorce, custody battles, etc to adulthood. I went into the service and met my husband. His story, idolize Dad who took him out of foster care (age 4-12) occasionally , from an even bigger family, took him crabbing, fishing etc and created another boat lover. Our family together has had boats when we can and looked at each as a sign success. We still struggle with family; our boys included, but have a tight grip on us. Our ultimate plan is to retire on a lake. The purchase of a nice (Bennington) pontoon is a gift to ourselves as sign of achievement. My husband, Karl, is a nice person; I'm a little more driven and cynical but we balance. Ha ha, I'm tearing up. I love this forum.

Thank you for sharing your story

I am like you, a person who tries to focus on the positive more than the negative

I am retired and can honestly say...........

"Life Begins At Retirement"

Wish I would of done it years ago

You have the time to do anything you choose to do

No one tells you when to wake or when to sleep

Everyday is a weekend and everyday is a holiday

"Lake Living Is Living At It's Best"

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Awesome that you were able to retire so soon, our target is next year. Maybe then I can learn how to post all the beautiful pictures that you share. I liked your happy happy video too. :)
Seems like everyone is up North.

I grew up in rural East Tennessee about 30 minutes North of Knoxville. We'd camp and fish but never had a boat. My Dad worked for the Army Corp of Engineers as a lock operator. I spent a lot of summers with him at work. I'd fish and hang out while he moved boat traffic through the locks. This was at Chicamauga, Melton Hill and Lenoir City for anyone who has ever been through the Tennessee river. I watched all the boats but we never had one.

Where I grew up we had Norris lake just 5 minutes away and I'd get to go out on occasion if a friend parents had a boat but never anything regular. Mostly as teenagers we'd skip school and swim, hang out and general tomfoolery. My wife grew up here and never got to the lake or had much interest in it.

Fast forward to a couple years ago. I'm lucky enough to have switched over to the Air Force and get stationed here in East Tennessee. We actually live less than a mile from where I did in high school. Dad passed a few years ago and never really got to enjoy a boat as much as he wanted one. He always talked about retiring to a houseboat but never did it. Her Dad passed away 2 years after mine. We both wanted to be active and 'do things' as a family. Make as many memories as we can instead of the work, work, work and single vacation for a week every year. We wanted to 'check out' from that routine. We spent a couple days on a pontoon with my cousin and his family which got my wife hooked.

After that it was easy. I took her to one boat show and she was onboard.

After much looking, comparing and shopping we ended up with a new entry level Bennington rather than a used one of unknown quality or reliability.

Since then we've been on the lake as much as possible enjoying every chance we get. We're heading to Mayport Florida (without the boat sadly) this weekend for a week long fishing trip. I was stationed there for a couple years and know my way around the good fishing areas. As much as my son loves tubing and swimming on the lake, I think once he hooks into a slot redfish he'll be hooked as much as the fish.
Dr Evil,

First I have to agree with you

There is for whatever reason a lot of northerners and few southerners or west coast members

With all the water in the south , perhaps the Benny owners don't have much time to participate

The odds of you being stationed so close to your childhood home is unreal

I am sure it is good to come home to great memories

Let us know if your son catches the fishing bug

In todays fast paced lifestyle few have the patience

Thank you for sharing


I bought a 2014 SL21 with a Yamaha F90

The perfect pontoon for my needs

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Pittsburgh, I've often wondered why that is too. Its not like Bennington is a regional brand that isn't sold down here. I see quite a few of them on our lake. That said, if we're on the lake we're not in front of a computer. :)

Dr Evil,

I have to agree , if you have the perfect weather, why be in the house or on the computer when you can be on the water.

I have friends in The Bayou who live on the water 24/7 catching cat fish and lovin it.

In the north we have a 3 month boating season and this year 2/3 of those days are filled with rain!

All I can say is after September I will be California Dreamin and Missing the warm temps of summer

Don't waste your time California dreaming unless you want to send us some of your water. I think our Benny is starting to dry rot :(

Don't waste your time California dreaming unless you want to send us some of your water. I think our Benny is starting to dry rot :(


I know the drought is severe there and wish this monsoon we are having in the East could be spread out west

Here's hoping the weather pattern changes this winter with plenty of rain and snow for the west

Too Many People ... Not Enough Water


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When i worked as a machine for Corporate America

I realized people who seemed to have less materialism had more happiness

They were doing the things they loved and enjoyed

I was a walking zombie, exhausted emotionally and physically

Money is nice , Time is Better !

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Granted, time is better but if we didn't all give up some time to work, we wouldn't get time to lounge on our toys later. I have no desire to work forever so hustle while you can, invest wisely, hope your family hangs in there with you and thank God the market turned around.
That's a riot abypfcs. Love the picture of waiting for your ss check
Pretty cool story. Good idea to keep a record to look back on. I might have to do that.