The 2022 Official College Football Thread

It's starting to get interesting.
The early non-conference games do not reveal what we can expect from our favorite teams. But now that we are playing more 'equal' competition we can better gauge what our team's potential truly is.
I absolutely LOVE college ball!!!
I know my Badgers are favored, but I have a an uneasy feeling about Illinois.
Can't say I didn't see this coming!
What suck is that Illinois isn't beating them. They are beating themselves!
How bout them Terps! Sorry Jeff. Sitting in the airport in Rome. Heard I missed a lot of good football this weekend!
I hate to say it but Michigan State is looking ugly (I mean really Ugly). I had early in the year high hopes but it‘s sad and they will get crushed in their next 3 games. Pretty scary line up Coming. It’s not only the injuries but poor coaching. Time to dispense of secondary coachs and line coach. Opposing quarterbacks have to much time to find an open receiver running around an inept secondary. we need a pass rush that puts some pressure on QB, and then the secondary doesn‘t know where they should be playing/covering. That is all on the coaching. They’ll blame injuries, but that is no excuse for what we’re seeing.
100% there with you Tomc - from pre-season expectations to early season performance and coaching. I was honestly glad we didn’t get more embarrassed in our loss against Maryland. We just look totally inept defensively. And conversely, the offense is not consistent, and cannot overcome our deficiencies on defense. So…when does college basketball season start…lol
Heard I missed a lot of good football this weekend!
Nah…you didn’t miss anything. Nothing at all. :p

So your teams are winning AND your in Rome!?! Now that is living your best life. ;)
BigTen west is crazy right now. Anytime a team shows a glimmer of emmerging, they get smacked down by another BigTen team. At this point you might as well draw straws or do rock-paper-scissors to predict who will come out on top in that division.

I think this years BigTen championship is going to be an incredibly lopsided affair, which should pose well for the BigTen east champion guaranteeing a playoff spot.
Nah…you didn’t miss anything. Nothing at all. :p

So your teams are winning AND your in Rome!?! Now that is living your best life. ;)
The teams I root for has done well except..... The Washington Commanders. Hate losing to Dallas! Yes just flew back from Rome after an 8 day Celebrity cruise in the Mediterranean. We love that region, just beautiful but that 9 hr. flight to Charlotte is a killer!
I watched the post game press conference, and Chryst basically had no explanations or plans to move forward. I think he already knew at that point he was done. It was really a halfassed representation of the organization.
I'm excited. We get to see how the players respond to Leonhard.
It should be apparent by the end of the season if Leonhard is the guy, and the nice thing is that if he is not there is no long term commitment with him. The downside is that if he is not the man, they have lost one heck of a defensive coordinator. (but he is going to be a HC somewhere soon regardless)

Hopefully this shake up is the needed catalyst to get these young men all working together and meeting their potential. I am certain there is unrealized potential with this group.
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Maryland/Purdue game was a battle! Couple blunders at the end cost them the win. But it was a good game! JMU playing well!
Badgers responded very positively to Chryst's firing! I think a bowl game is back within reach!
Bison won ugly again.
SDSU won. Those two battle next week. Jacks will win if Bison don't clean things up.
Fighting Sioux won.
Great day for our favored teams!
Is it me or does Alabama NOT look like the #1 team in the country?!?
I agree. I'll be the first to admit that I am biased towards B1G. That said, I think Ohio State is the best college football team today. In 6 weeks.....? Who knows?
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