Used outboard Bennington's for sale on/near Ky lakes?


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Crestwood, KY
Folks, I haven't posted in some months. Looking to purchase a late model Bennington 20'-22' outboard (115 hp+ Yamaha or E-TEC) with tandem trailer/disc brakes and low hours (isn't everyone?). I like the model 2275 RLi w/ESP pkg. ideally....hard to find. Where should I look (classifieds, marinas) to start my search. This will be my first boat. May have to end up get a new ("build your own") for mfr. Thoughts? ANY help will be appreciated. Know of any used rigs for sale. If so, please call 502-641-2134 or email pics to me. Thanks in advance! 
I've always had good luck selling on craigslist. Might want to get on there and see what is listed.
I have had no luck with them .The only calls or emails I have had from craigs are scams & solitiors .The one last week was a doozie .

A marine in Afghanistan wanted to buy my boat for his son back home  ,please provide my bank info .

Ya Right ,All the others want to place the ad on their site for $300 .
I've never had all that. Damn scammers.
Andy, I know.

You and I have talked about it .

I had the same  type problem with a car a few years back .

I think you have looked at the ad .

Am I doing something wrong ,have it  worded wrong or what ?

I have no clue .
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I looked on craigslist under Louisville an there is a nice 2574 gcwbr with esp and all the goodies. I know your looking at used but you might be able to negotiate on this. I can't post links any more or I'd put it here for you. good luck
My friend was almost set to purchase a used Bennington but once he looked at the price of a new s and considered the 7 year warranty he opted for new
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The warranty is transferable .

TRANSFERABLE WARRANTYBennington warranties are transferable through your local Bennington dealer adding to the resale value of your boat. The warranty period begins on the original owner's new boat purchase date. When the boat is sold, the same warranty coverage will carry over to the new owner. The Lifetime Structural Warranty is transferable to a second owner for the balance of 10 years from the original retail date of purchase.
Right Jack but boats prior to 2013 only have a 5 year warranty
Now that makes sense ,Last year was my first year .
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Right Jack but boats prior to 2013 only have a 5 year warranty
I also just read  ( 2014 brochure ) that the extra 2 years are Not transferable .
That surprises me Jack.  If they are willing to place a 7 year warranty, why should it matter if the boat is sold.  With the 7 year warranty the boat would sell more as used enabling the seller to better afford a new Benny
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I'd just post the date the warranty is good to and be done. That's a big selling point no matter what since it is bumper to bumper, all inclusive.
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Thats the wording I was trying to think of . Thanks