2013 RCL2250 Bow gate Not aligned

2013 RCL2250 Bow gate Not aligned

How could you let this out the door? It's like having a crooked hood ornament. Maybe this is why my bow gate seat won't fit snugly in place!
Pretty sad, Unfortunately seems to be happening more and more. Where's the quality control ? Did it make it past the dealer this way too.
Yup...this made it past the dealer as well. Not sure about the spacer. Even if there was one missing it would still be misaligned. Would you expect your car's fit & finish to be this bad?
That "missing spacer" would make the misalignment worse if it was replaced. Makes you wonder if it was intentionally removed to try to "fix" this problem...
I never even looked at this till it was in the water and in the lift. Then it was an OMG moment! What can they do to fix? Not sure they can. Does anyone else with a bow seat have a sloppy fit? If we sit on the edge of thew seat it tips out of the opening. My grandkids found that one for me!
Mine actually looks the same way. I've been too busy with trying to figure out the stereo to bother with it yet, stupid I know.
That is crazy. With all the posts lately on the quality issues you would think TB would notice, pass it on and there would be some changes. I know things happen but how frequently is acceptable?? I thought that tolerance with Bennington would be very low. Having a quality product is what got them to where they are today. Hopefully the build on that tradition and get all this under control.
Maybe the outside corner of the port side fence is missing the bottom spacer. But I still agree that Bennington should be ashamed of this.
TB needs to review its quality standards as they are slipping. And quality is Bennington's differentiator and what drove my purchasing decision to go with their product. Enough said.

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