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    Stock speakers

    Thanks for the thoughts. She is doing good for what she had done. Last weekend she wanted to try and go out, she knew I wanted too also.  She lasted about an hour and a half so that was good. I told her just baby steps it will get easier each time. 
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    24 SXP Swing back is finally ours!

    Looks awesome, worth the wait.
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    Double Bimini and trailering

    No problem. The upper arm is bent that's part of the construction, just how its made.
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    Double Bimini and trailering

    I have the double Bimini and it does have the short trailering arms, it lays forward, and has locking pins that keep the legs from coming out while traveling.
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    Photo Uploads

    thank you
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    Photo Uploads

    how do I delete photos that for some unknown reason didn't upload properly?  Also sorry for the blank photos in the gallery.
  7. wrapped box

    wrapped box

  8. wired the amp to batt. #2

    wired the amp to batt. #2

  9. new sub box

    new sub box

  10. downfire box

    downfire box

  11. helm speaker

    helm speaker

  12. the two speakers I added.

    the two speakers I added.

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    Stock speakers

    Haha, I know the rules, it hasn't happened till there's pics. I will get them up asap, give me some time, my wife had brain surgery a month and a half ago and hasn't felt like going out on it. I installed the system and cover the boat, and haven't messed with it since. She did say today that she...
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    Stock speakers

    I had the stock system in mine. It sounded ok if your sitting still, but as soon as you start moving you cant hear it to good, also there's not much bass. I've had my boat for 5 months and went out a handful of times and just change it out to all wet sounds. The wife wanted better sounds more...