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    Anchoring in Marco Island area- Keewaydin Island visit (Anchoring, where to visit)

    Have a Benington up north and we are very use to inland lakes, boating, docking, etc. and have escaped to the southwest Florida area for a bit. We are renting a pontoon boat tomorrow and want to visit Keewaydin Island. I could use a bit of advice on docking, etc... Few Questions: Should we go...
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    SimTex or Traditional Vinyl

    Question for everybody on the Sim Tex. How does the Sim Tex clean up from sunscreen etc.?
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    Salt water vs Fresh water?

    Great stuff....thanks
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    Salt water vs Fresh water?

    Thanks, assume I can use in fresh water until needed...hopefully sooner than later
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    Salt water vs Fresh water?

    thanks, good stuff and margarita glasses on order!
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    Salt water vs Fresh water?

    I am loosely thinking about getting a new boat. Currently have a 22 foot Bennington with a 115. We currently keep ours docked at an inland lake in northeast Ohio and enjoy my Bennington a great deal! We will be here for a few years but eventually will be in Florida in salt water. Any thoughts...
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    Engine Maintenance- Corrision

    Thanks, do not. Had 3 year but expired...good thought
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    Like the front walk ramp, where did you get?
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    New to boating, 1st Bennington

    Nice job getting the 150, I was new 2+ years ago... Bennington makes a great boat and you won't be disappointed. Enjoy
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    Tritoon- small dent on front fin?

    Thanks in advance, really appreciate Bennington and Forum users as they have been a great help to me owning a Bennington. I have a 2016 Bennington Tri-toon, I noticed the other day there is a small dent on the front of the left toon, or rather the "fin" on the inside of the left or port toon...
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    Engine Maintenance- Corrision

    I have a 2016 Bennington with a Mercury 115. Noticed a small amount of corrosion or rust on the engine housing. We dock the boat and it is in the water May through September, unfortunately we don't and cannot have a lift where we are. Just want to take care of it properly, any thoughts or...
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    Preparing for summer towable tubes and skiing

    Mostly do tubing with my kids. 2 questions... Wondering if the PXR-100 is wide enough for tubes vs going up to the pro? Hoping to stay with the PXR-100 I dock my boat and cover it. Do I have to take the mirror off each time? Does it fold where you can cover with the Bennington cover or...
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    Prop upgrade for speed

    All- ended up going with a 13.8 x 13 spitfire four blade. Will install over next week. Any thoughts on performance improvements you think I’ll see around speed? Thanks for all the help, dealer helped me spec as well and all agreed that 17 pitch was not correct