1. Pittsburgh

    Cleats On Pontoon

    As a Seasoned Bennington Owner  I will not over - react this time (lol) My Boat was delivered and as usual brought to my dock and secured.  I paid for winterizing, pontoon cleaning, etc. and delivery  The delivery personnel left Upon inspection of "Benny" I couldn't help but...
  2. Pittsburgh

    Spring Check List For Benny

    Here's something that may be of interest to The Bennington Family ! SPRING INSPECTION FOR YOUR PONTOON BOAT Tips for prepping your boat for the season. By Dan Armitage Posted April 3, 2013        1 Spring Pontoon Maintenance Dan Armitage   Many latitude-challenged boaters will be...
  3. Pittsburgh

    Ice Watch

    A running cold spell has had the Lake Frozen since the cold set in during January. With temps hitting -18 F at night the ice is thick. We have recently had a warming trend but the Lake is still frozen solid. Thought it would be interesting to see your lake and its progression toward Spring and...
  4. Pittsburgh

    Yamaha Survey

    Yamaha, contacted me after receiving my first survey. Asked me to answer some questions online, which I was more than happy to do. They said they would like to follow up with a phone call which I was more than HAPPY to hear. Good People @ Yamaha