1. M

    2275 GCW with F150XA a dog in corners when tubing

    When swinging a tube it just falls on its face I have a 2013 2275GCW with a Yamaha F150XA Prop is a yamaha reliance series 15-m 14 1/2 Have esp package with lifting strakes
  2. tyjy

    Spare Prop from 15 pitch to 21 pitch?

    We currently have a 2014 Yamaha F150 motor with a Yamaha Reliance SDS 14 1/2 x 15-M stainless steel prop. The performance is excellent for us (40 mph at 5900 RPM wot). Want to obtain a spare prop and ran across an ad on Craigslist that reads: " Yamaha stainless prop of my Yamaha 150 four stroke...
  3. brentah

    Yamaha 150 Auxiliary charging lead

    I have been doing extensive research in preparation to install a 2nd battery(house battery) and I see most people buy the add-a-battery kit from Blue Seas or use a combination of just a combiner or just a switch. I just found some information that Yamaha 150's and above after 2003 have an...