1. B

    Fusion Radio Fader with Kicker amp and sub

    When using the fader control on our '19 25 RCWX1's fusion stereo, the center position (balanced between front and rear) sounds ok (not great but ok)... front goes to all regular speakers with no sub and rear goes to just the kicker sub with no speakers. Does this sound correct or is it wired...
  2. G

    Does Bennington Provide the Kicker LED remote?

    Hello All, The Kicker Speakers that come standard have LED lighting.  If you look online, there is an optional remote that can control 20 different colors for the speakers.  Does Bennington provide this with the speakers? Has anybody hooked this up to control the LED lights
  3. Kells

    Mood Lighting Dim / Bright Switch

    On the new 2014, there is a toggle switch for dim / bright for mood lighting.  Is this something that can be done with existing mood lighting on the 2013 models?  I realize it's a 3 way toggle, maybe there is a resister wired in before the output to the lights?  Has anyone done this with an...