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    Crazy Mold After Shrink Wrap

    This year our seats have a ton of the black spot mold on them. The boat has been shrink wrapped every winter. We have a 2016 Tritoon and have never had this problem. I cannot get the deep spots out. Every year we use protectorate on them. I would appreciate any advice for removing the black...
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    Mold on inside of bimini cover

    Our tri toon is kept on a freshwater lake, on a lift at a covered dock.  Noticed mold on the inside of the bimini cover today and the cover is in the garage for cleaning in the morning.  Recent weather very humid and rainy.   Need some advice on the best way to clean.  I was thinking Awesome , a...
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    HELP with cleaning seats

    Hello fellow Bennington owners out there.  I could you use your help with a problem I'm having with the vinyl seats on my boat.  I have a 2008 Bennington pontoon and the boat is docked on a fresh water pond in Rhode Island.  Earlier in the year I got lazy and made the mistake of not covering the...