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    Seat Stains on bench seat

    Hi;  I was disgusted to see stains form on my back bench seat.  The spots formed under where my bimini cover had a water swell form after a rain.  I am careful to make certain any water swells are emptied as soon as they form.  I had not used the Bennington for about four weeks do to cruddy...
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    Upholstery and stains on a 2 year old boat.

    Hello Everyone,  First time poster and new Bennington owner as of two years ago. I bought my boat in 2013 and it is already looking really  old. I use it more than most people in the summer but it still doesn't look like a 2 year old boat. It's a 24SSL with vinyl flooring.   I would greatly...
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    Seats Stained on New Bennington

    Happy to be the owner of a 2014 20 SLX!  Completely love it!  Just one thing... We took delivery just 3 weeks ago and almost immediately saw small grey stains on each of the seats. The stains are mostly about 1/4 inch or random shapes. Some larger.  We're using the playpen cover and can't...