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Add a battery?

Discussion in 'Technical Stuff' started by JaccFrost, Mar 5, 2016.

  1. ugleeual

    ugleeual Well-Known Member

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    Thx... just what I needed.
  2. Mike31406

    Mike31406 Well-Known Member

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    Lake Greenwood, South Carolina
    Anyone know of a battery tender that will switch between my two batteries when needed. Would it be safe to use this type of charger, under a covered boat, if it existed?
  3. dannyleininger

    dannyleininger Well-Known Member

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    Lake Wales Florida
    This is off topic....how do you like the Helm Sink? I considered it but got talked out by my dealer. Finishing the order tomorrow.
  4. Havasu

    Havasu Well-Known Member

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    Lake Havasu City, Arizona
    A buddy of mine left his "Battery Tender" plugged in for several weeks on his pontoon (not a Benny). I was with him when we stopped by his storage unit to unplug it. We were too late. One of the Interstate batteries had exploded (top blown off) and battery acid went everywhere. We cleaned what we could with baking soda and he took the boat to a local detailer for the rest. They cleaned up the battery storage area very well but his interior was permanently stained in several areas. Thank god a fire didn't start. He now uses what I had recommended all along, a ProMariner Smart Charger. I've used 4 of them in my various boats as has other friends and I never seen a problem with them. I do use a Battery Tender for my dirt bike and jet skis but they are never left attached for long term. Basically, top it off overnight then unplug. I think they work fine for that. My .02.
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