1. JaccFrost

    Rod holder / placement

    I have a 2014 21 SLX. I need to find a rod holder solution.  I have seen some irons out there but most don't seem to apply to my boat model. I need to hold at least 3 rods and up to 6 if possible.  Keeping them safe and out of the way would be great while also not interfering with my cover. ...
  2. JaccFrost

    Shifting Issue

    So, yet another post from me. I am hoping to resolve this issue on my own if possible. Not sure if warranty covers this either. I just "un-packaged" my boat from storing it over the winter (in my yard). I was going through it, spring cleaning, trying to figure out where to put my fish finder...
  3. JaccFrost

    Add a battery?

    I have seen battery topics but haven't found one that really answers my question. I am going to add interior lighting beneath the seats, exterior lights to reflect of toons into the water, fish finder on the way. Most likely in future a small sub and amp, nothing crazy m Of course the...
  4. JaccFrost

    Fish finder solution

    Since this is on a pontoon and mostly only inland lakes and sometimes out the pier to lake Michigan, the need for Navionics cartography isn't really necessary, is it? I know I want down imaging. But would the additional map from Navionics really benefit me?
  5. JaccFrost

    Box anchor

    I have seen a lot of talk of the box anchor. I an eye-balling the small box anchor and a Rocna scoop anchor Box anchor is ~19lbs v. Rocna at 9 lbs I know weight isn't everything and my fluke anchor works great until I get in...