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Black out Package and Fabric questions 2018 25 GSR

Discussion in 'Owners Chat: Options and Upgrades' started by oldredm3, Jan 9, 2018.

  1. oldredm3

    oldredm3 Well-Known Member

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    Im about to order one of the above and have a couple of questions. Looking at Black on Black with one of the tan interiors and a 250 Vmax.

    • On the black out package -the anodized rails. Being black do they get so hot that its unbearable?
    • Black Painted Panels, I assume they are high gloss right?
    • Fabric has changed since my 2013. How durable is the satin fabrics and how are they cleaned? (on my 2013 GSR2550 I used 303)
    Thanks in advance
    Table Rock Lake
  2. Jack M

    Jack M Moderator

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    Petoskey Michigan
  3. Alicedream

    Alicedream Well-Known Member

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    Warsaw, MO
    Love the new seats. Easy to clean with Fantastic or 409 and a scrub brush. Don't need to use 303 anymore although i think some do.
  4. Michiman

    Michiman Well-Known Member

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    Okemos, MI
    Hey oldredm3, congratulations on the new order! PADS setting in I see. I don't have the blackout package so I can't comment from experience but I know there are several on this site that will be able to. However, I can say that no one has ever made the comment that the blackout was uncomfortable to the touch. As far as the seat fabric, that's all you can get and those with it seem to be big fans with no problems mentioned so far. Good luck and post some pictures when you take delivery.
  5. gnc1017

    gnc1017 Well-Known Member

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    Carlyle Lake, IL
    We have a black blackout and the rails have never bothered us at all. As with flooring, that may be different in super hot climates like the Southwest ( although still doubt it) but we're in the Midwest too so I think you'd be fine and will love it.

    As far as the panels, we have the black (which is gloss) and the vapor graphics too. Our interior is sandstone (older soft touch vinyl though) and it looks great with the black. Pics in my media gallery.

    Hope you have fun with the buying process and enjoy the new boat!
  6. SEMPERFI8387

    SEMPERFI8387 Moderator

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    York, Pa
    Our blackout rails get hot but not unbearable, and really only notice when sitting still. While underway, the air movement seems to keep them cool. Our Tuscan Dune colored furniture gets pretty hot, but we always use towels so no big deal there, and 1st year, no issues with keeping them clean. For small spots, a soft bristle toothbrush and some soapy water is all you need.
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  7. Vikingstaff

    Vikingstaff Well-Known Member

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    We have the blackout package, with Smokey grey panels and black ascent strips. We have never had issues with the blackout rails being too hot for us. We LOVE the look! With one summer under our belt, I very happy we got it.

    We also have a tan interior and love the look of it with the darker exterior. We think it gives the boat a nice combination exterior sporty look, but also mixed with an interior luxury/ refined look. I think you’ll like the combination if you are already considering it.

    Finally, we have found the new Simtex seats easy to clean. For us, we’ve never needed anything more than soapy water and a washcloth. EVERYTHING has cleaned up easily just doing that. We are totally satisfied with it! As for durability, only time will tell since it is new. On the positive end, it has a 10 year warranty, so if there are problems, your covered. :)
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  8. kt700

    kt700 Member

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    Southeast Wisconsin
    Blackout package with dark exterior gloss panels....no problem. Actually the seating gets hot when in direct sun for a long period of time, the tan just as much as the black. Fabric is very durable, all messes we have cringed at, cleaned up quickly and easily.
  9. Havasu

    Havasu Well-Known Member

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    Lake Havasu City, Arizona
    I concur what the others have said about the black railing. Does it get hot? Sure, but I don't think it gets any hotter than the silver railing (I have several friends who have the silver for comparison). EVERYTHING gets hot out here (to a degree, pun) in the summer but the black railing isn't an issue.
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