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Boating Tip...

Discussion in 'Pontoon Forum' started by kaydano, Jul 13, 2019 at 1:56 PM.

  1. kaydano

    kaydano Well-Known Member

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    For those of you that carry coolers and a bunch of other stuff to your boat each time you go out, here's a quick tip that I've been using the last several times out. I use a dry bag for dry items such as shirts towels or dry food, and then I put it in the cooler and pull the cooler down to the boat. I have to go across a large parking lot and sidewalk/docks, so i have a cooler with wheels and there's always some extra room in the cooler, and this makes for one less thing to carry. Putting a dry bag in the cooler keeps your dry food from getting wet. Also keeps it cold. Just thought I'd mention this.
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  2. sjhorner9475

    sjhorner9475 Well-Known Member

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    Centerhill Lake, Silver Point TN
    Nice idea Kaydano. Thanks for sharing! I have a complimentary suggestion. When it is just a few of us on the boat, we take a smaller cooler with wheels but it is too small to put other things in it. Instead we use a collapsible wagon that we can put a dry bag with towels, snacks, etc., the small cooler, and other items in. After we empty everything from it on to the boat, we collapse it and tie it to the dock post with bungee cords.

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  3. Dennis T.

    Dennis T. Well-Known Member

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    East Tennessee
    i roll like SJhorner9475 with the cart. one thing we did was buy a cart with the larger wheels than the one pictured. came in real handy at the beach as some with smaller wheels were being carried down while ours with the larger wide wheels were able to roll.
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  4. BigKahuna

    BigKahuna Well-Known Member

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    North Carolina
    Same here gentlemen.....We bought a cart similar to sjhorner from Sam's Club and we use it everywhere. Taking stuff to the boat. Like our heavy battery jump pack, cooler, towel/extra bathing suit bag, food etc. The boat is across the street from the house but it gets old and I'm to old to be carrying that stuff.....
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