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Pontoon gate door rips a kid's finger off...

Discussion in 'Pontoon Forum' started by kaydano, Sep 21, 2013.

  1. kaydano

    kaydano Well-Known Member

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    This article (and video) by a local news station explains the "industry wide" pinch point issue on pontoon boats that lead up to the little plastic wedge guards you see on Bennington's gates now. Unfortunately, sounds like some kids got their fingers ripped off - sorry for being graphic - before this was fixed. According to the article, Bennington fixed the issue almost 12 years ago. Another manufacturer in the article didn't catch on to the fact Bennington "got it right" and didn't copy Bennington's fix until only just 5 years ago.

    I always wondered why my gates had those funny looking plastic guards on them. Now I know why. I will have to look closer at them next time I'm on the boat with all this in mind.

    Anyway, if you have an older boat without these guards, you need to get them put on.

    The video shows how well Bennington's fix works, and uses Bennington as an example of what the other manufacturer should have done. Just another reason I feel good about my Bennington purchase.
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  2. floves

    floves Well-Known Member

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    Great info, thanks for posting.    I would have never even thought about a gate being a danger.   I'm glad I have a Bennington.
  3. lakeliving

    lakeliving Well-Known Member

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    Howell, Michigan
    It is nice to see Bennington had the correct fix.

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