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Problem with USB port on 2018 Sfx

Discussion in 'Social Connections' started by Jshelm, Jul 20, 2019.

  1. Jshelm

    Jshelm New Member

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    The USB port has never worked when attempting to charge my iPhone or another device. Dealer wanted me bring boat in, too much ordeal for this 72 year young grandmother. I’ve had my tech savvy grandson look at it, appears to be okay with wiring. I got under console & removed the USB port & wiring & tested on land power to see if port was defective. It’s okay & powered my phone. The other lights, gauges, etc are working. What next????
  2. Spoiledrotten

    Spoiledrotten Well-Known Member

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    Below the Mason/Dickson Line
    Mine didn’t seem to work on my first Benny. I bought something like this to get an added benefit of always knowing my current voltage while having a USB port for charging gadgets. Just plug it into the helm accessory socket.

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