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Side illumination and underwater white lighting

Discussion in 'Owners Chat: Options and Upgrades' started by carribeanmum, Sep 24, 2017.

  1. carribeanmum

    carribeanmum Member

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    We are about to order a Bennington with the side illumination and underwater white lighting but have been told it may not be legal? We live in Minnesota and have seen blue side illumination a lot this summer. Also for those of you who do have it, can you see it off the water when you are boating at night? Is it worth it?
  2. BulldogsCadillac

    BulldogsCadillac Just some guy

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    Dauphin, Manitoba
    Technically it's all illegal. Only lights you are supposed to have on are your anchor light or navigation lights (red and green). That being said, all lakes and LEO's enforce what they want to
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  3. BigKahuna

    BigKahuna Well-Known Member

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    North Carolina
    Was out on 4th of July night for the fireworks. Saw numerous boats w/blue illumination and they look pretty impressive! Like Derrick said it depends on what local law enforcement wants to enforce or let go. Check w/them before spending the extra money.......
  4. Link

    Link Moderator

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    Sacandaga Lake, NY
    Love the lights. Back in 2012 hardly saw any other than mine, now our lake has tons of them. I am out a lot at night and never been pulled over and haven't heard of anyone else getting ticketed
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  5. Spoiledrotten

    Spoiledrotten Well-Known Member

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    Below the Mason/Dickson Line
    That's the way it is on our Rez, Link. The LEO doesn't pay attention to those decorative lights. It's festive, and not hurting a thing. I've seen the blue, red, or any other color on, and I've seen the LEO blue lights flashing... and there's DEFINITELY a huge difference in the two. No mixing them up.
    Now, we do have some of those that like to use their "headlights" (I know they are docking lights) to navigate after dark. I don't get it, though. I know they aren't supposed to be used, but to add to that, they aren't even useful unless you are creeping through a canal, and there is something to reflect the light off of. I've turned on mine just to see what the difference is from the captain chair, and you can't see a bit better with them on.
  6. Rockie69

    Rockie69 Well-Known Member

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    [​IMG] This was on my boat from thre factory. I have been pulled over, and "warned" same thing for the ones of the stern. For the cost if I had to do it all over agian, I would put them on myself. I did use mine in a "rescue" sitiation, but it was only so the others boat could direct me to them. They were fun, but they do atttract more attention than you somtimes may want.

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