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Suppliers catching up

Discussion in 'Helpful Hints from Bennington' started by Team Bennington, Oct 26, 2016.

  1. Team Bennington

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    Good communication is the best practice, and we believe in being pro-active in this regard.   Due to a robust retail market this year, our suppliers in two major areas are trying to catch up with demand at the manufacturing level.   We expect these issues to resolve themselves well before the spring ramp-up, but some customers may be feeling the affects this autumn as they wait (with varied and understandable degrees of patience) for their new boats to be delivered.

    We would like to extend out thanks to those folks who have been affected by longer lead times and were/are willing to wait it out.   We appreciate your business.

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  2. Link

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    Sacandaga Lake, NY
    Thanks for the update TB.  It can be frustrating for some but once the boat arrives all say it was worth the wait

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