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    Trailer advice

    How much is "too expensive"? Our dealer provides scissor style trailer use at no charge if you store with them. Trailers are nuts right now. Was told of one well known brand that has increased in price 33% since November.
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    Massive amounts of water in 2021 BowRider Storage Compartment

    Heh, heh...that was a pretty good dunk! I like their anchor, I have the same model!
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    Picking up our 1st Bennington Friday!!

    As promised...
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    Perfect day on Lake Norman ....

    Daril, are you rockin' a South Bay now?
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    SS vs ALUMINUM prop

    FWIW, I have seen firsthand one Mercury 150 that was very difficult to shift with Alum prop. Dealer put on a SS prop and instantly shifted smoothly. The extra rotating weight is definitely beneficial. Now this particular engine may simply not be as well balanced as most, because I'e seen dozens...
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    Yamaha 150 vs Mercury 150

    Switching brands can potentially also require instrumentation depending on which instrumentation you currently have.
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    Garmin Display gas gauge reset

    I'm not a fan of abandoning the traditional analog instrumentation.
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    Yamalube additive for engine

    Higher octane equates to resistance to detonation. Detonation is terribly destructive when it is not when it is supposed to be. For cocktail cruising you would probably be fine, but if working the engine at all, you need to keep your octane in the recommended range.
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    Toyota Sienna for towing?

    Should work, about as well as pulling teeth with a spoon.
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    Solar install without a pontoon lift?

    You're correct. If concerned about parasitic draw, install a battery cutoff switch.
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    Canopy length for boat lift question

    The risk with oversize is wind vulnerability. Good luck getting a ShoreScreen this season. I know a couple guys still waiting.
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    2021 28RSBA with 400 Verado 8’6 beam Top Speed

    Tried to PM jonnydiesel with a suggestion, but am unable to?
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    2021 28RSBA with 400 Verado 8’6 beam Top Speed

    I know that a jack plate is a factory option on a competitive pontoon brand for whatever that is worth.
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    Yep, AU nailed it.
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    2020 Fall Football Thread

    Great game! Very unfortunate for State to lose their QB in the first series.