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    Issues with the power arch. Stuck in the down position.

    All other accessories operating? Are you getting a clicking noise?
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    Pontoon Model

    Or post pics here. I am confident we can tell you!
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    Master power switch

    I have seen this scenario before as well. I agree with you guys, that off should be EVERYTHING OFF, including engine. But we all know some mechanics can be a stubborn breed. Anxious to hear a valid reason for that scenario.
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    Bottom Metal Coming Off

    I would take to whomever could address the issues the soonest. Which should be the selling dealer.
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    Bottom Metal Coming Off

    If that is your sarcastic way of saying that I am wrong, by all means look into it further and report back later. ;)
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    Bottom Metal Coming Off

    Just like Ford will not pay to have a mechanic come to your home to perform a warranty repair on your car. Pretty standard stuff. If a dealer does offer that service, they are eating that expense.
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    Exactly! I will never criticize someone else's flag location. The patriotic intension is what is important!
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    Storms becoming more common?

    That's an awesome color for that body style!
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    Storms becoming more common?

    Toddk9, feel free to share some pictures and bore us with details of the car in your avatar!
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    Dinette Practicality

    Local dealer brings theirs in with 2 captains chairs in place of the 4 fishing chairs.
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    Electric Bemini Top

    I wouldn't be without it. Word of advice...Keep a 5/32" allen wrench on the pontoon. In the event of component failure, simply removing 8 button head bolts and unplugging anchor light power allows entire bimini to slide right off.
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    Storms becoming more common?

    We have noticed significantly more winds/storms for being this early in the season. Seen several lifts and a few pontoons already lost. That crap usually doesn't start until July in these parts. Just wondering if others are seeing the same in their areas? I asked one of my insurance agents if...
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    Forest River no longer even offers windscreens on any of their toons (except for full walk-thru windshield)
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    Rear tie down straps

    Might be a way to save $7 on the S series boats?
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    Welcome Change in Laws

    I don't even like the concept of renting boats & PWC's