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    Curved ladder

    Just wondering, what is the idea or advantage if any of the curved boarding ladder?
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    Fender clips

    Happy wife is a Happy Life !
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    Fabric choices.

    Can anyone compare premium fabric choices. Sandstone,gray stone accidents. Does slx premium - no cut outs look too plain. Is 80 % cut out supportive enough. Which type and colors do you wish you had ordered?
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    Does any one have a slx 20 with sps package and Yamaha 115. What is your top speed? My dock and August water level only allow for this length boat. Cant wait for the new Benny and next May's launch date
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    yamaha 115 versus 115vho

    What would the performance difference be between yam 115 and 115vho on 20slxp with sps package?
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    playpen cover versus seat covers

    Thanks for the great pics. I ordered the boat with the full cover but in same colors as you have.
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    playpen cover versus seat covers

    Deciding on type of boat cover. Play pen or seat covers. Playpen cover looks better and more protective, but maybe harder to put on. How long does it take to put on each type of cover. Would my wife take time to do and undo playpen cover?
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    Kicker amp upgrade with subwoofer

    Does anyone have kicker amp-subwoofer upgrade. Is it worth it?
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    Striker amp upgrade

    Is kicker amp & subwoofer upgrade worth it?
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    Simple question. Building 20 Slxp, zebrawood dash. Stock kidney table or trapezoid in zebrawood?