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    Domed Registration Numbers

    So agree. We have the black out package with graphite and silver. We will go with the black letters over the silver and leave the chrome Bennington logo to stand out in the dark graphite. Would not want to go with chrome to compete with the Bennington logo. The black letters will show up nicely...
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    23 RSB Blackout picked up today!

    Chris,Have you an update on the speed and noise after break-in.
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    Bow Gate Seat

    Sand Bags and a Yett! I think I am getting the message. I may remove ours and have the passengers sit on the floor.
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    Carl Wagner (CWAG911)

    Our prayers are with Carl, family and friends.
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    Bow Gate Seat

    Thanks, good suggestion. Will try the same. Cannot have folks with drink in hand falling on the floor because a seat is not anchored. Bennington, known for quality comes up short with this one. Safety is important.
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    Bow Gate Seat

    Anyone have suggestions on securing the bow filler seat? Slides across the pontoon when not being sat on. Worse yet when placed at the port side gate. Tips over when you do sit on it. Very Diappointed in this $743.00 option.
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    Dock mooring whips

    Thanks, we are on lake Keowee South Carolina. Don't believe winds would be a problem. The strong waves come from boats rigged for wake boarding. What type of problems might I expect if these waves get out of hand. We have bumpers mounted on the dock edge. Would it be possible for contact to be...
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    Dock mooring whips

    Any suggestions or recommendations for using Dock edge mooring whips to keep the Bennington from banging up against the dock.
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    23 RSB Blackout picked up today!

    A big congratulations, great looking rig. Love the blackout and black 175 Yamaha with silver overlay on top. Works great with the ski tow. Hope our swing back with rail and ski tow give us a similar look. We decked out a new 23 SSBXP the same way and cannot wait to get it next week. Wanted to do...
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    F300 vs. 250 SHO

    Interesting thread, cannot the same argument be made between a Yamaha 200 and a 175 SHO? I have been back and forth during my build. Could not decide but got my dealer to agree that I could hang either one my 2019 24SSBXP SPS when it arrives in March. Most likely will go with the 175 SHO in...
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    Fresh water pump

    Great looking LED Lighting. Very professional. Would like to know where I might find the same.
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    Coming from a Premier PTX

    Oh, one more thing. I still have the need for speed. A jet ski and Master Craft. Even at that the speed rarely exceeds 50 mph. The Bennington is more to load up family,grandkids and friends for a trip across the lake to eat. Other times it is best for lounging around at our dock. Turn up the...