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    Webber 3 burner. Thank me later
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    Newby to Bennington

    Royo, we're at Northshore Pickwick in our '06 2075R and need a new Vol Navy flag like you have see you this summer from a 1956 born Vol. Stan
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    Cleaning boat lift canopy cover/winter prep

    After cleaning your canvas I recommend an antimicrobial spray. This will help defeat any mold or microbial growth, and the product I use has a six month residual. It is odorless invisible and non transferable. It is on my website under Bio Zone. We don't sell the...
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    Toyota 4Runner as tow vehicle?

    My of the rack 2008 Expedition has a 9200 lb Tow capacity.  Should be able to pick up one of those at a good price.
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    New Member - Soon to be New Bennington Owner

    Congratulations, you will have many fond memories and great times. Stan
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    Fender Storage

    We store ours in the chaise angled back cushions compartment, one used for a garbage basket, the other two for fenders in the upright position, we tie up with friends often as well as need 4-5 fenders because of tight docking in our slip. We absolutely love the fender adjusters found on...
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    Boat Mirrors

    Yes Kaydano, just loosen large thumb screw and it will turn side ways. Unbelievably easy and solid feeling. Stan
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    Boat Mirrors

    I love mine. I think you are going to be pleasantly surprised at how solid it feels after mounting on boat. For $35 the risk reward is a no brainer. Stan
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    my new to me 2006

    My wife and niece, Thanks for all the good wishes and compliments.
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    my new to me 2006

    Photos of new used boat by StanVol. Proof for Bama, :) . In photo Gallery from Pickwick Lake this weekend. Stan
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    Boat Mirrors

    Photos are up in the gallery of my amazon purchased mirror from this weekend plus a few other photos. Listed by Stanvol or lake's.
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