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    Simrad G 05 discontinued?

    Hello, Mercury marine had a twin that will fit. Just go to Mercurys site.
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    SimTex Fabric Issue

    What if its a stain from the underside bleeding through?
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    Roswell audio upgrade

    Hello, I had one on my 2018 25RSB and just thought is was ok. Got talked into it on my 2022 25RSB because of 10 year warranty. But- I added a Roswell R1 550.2 to just the sub. So the R1 900.6 just runs the 6 speakers. Then had a local stereo shop tune both amps. It now rocks, night and day...
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    Boat on the final assembly line!

    That's not true according to my dealer. They take very detailed shots of the entire boat, so the dealer can't say there was damage. They take them just before shrink wrapping the boat.
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    Which ladder is best

    I have had 2 of the stainless of different years and just ordered my 22 with same ladder. My opinion is it looks cleaner, works great and is off the platform.
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    Cost of new Bennington is way up

    I cant believe no one brought up the deck screws Barletta uses to attach the deck. Even Tahoe uses thru bolts. That would kill it right there for me.
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    From Facebook- dealer meeting

    Thank you
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    From Facebook- dealer meeting

    Hey Jack, can you ask if they can put a second screen in that blank hole on the right of the R dash you took a picture of? I'm ordering a 22 with a Merc, and dealer didn't know for sure if they would or not. Thanks in advance
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    should it be faster 2022 Benning ton rx sport 400 verado

    That's the right prop. That motor makes 400 hp at 6800 rpm. If you go a pitch up it will drop rpm and reduce speed.
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    Question for you new Q owners

    I when with the Roswell from the factory. Yes its a little expensive, but I got a 10 year warranty! Last Bennington I did an after market alpine head unit, kicker marine 250 watt sub tube and 600 watt marine jbl amp sounded great for a year or 2 then had issues like most marine products and it...
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    Color Change

    I agree that black looks the best, but its also the hottest by far. Black gets so hot that sometime you cant even touch it. I had a black cover on previous Bennington and when we bought the new one I made should we got a lighter color (Med grey). So glad I did its does not get to the point of...
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    Wrapped my pontoons!

    Looks awesome. I have the same color combination. Where are you located? I've been looking for someone in the Detroit Area.
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    Simrad GO5 XSE Intermittent resetting

    I had the same problem. Random shutting off or not turning on, them coming on later. They had to replace it under warranty.
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    Corvina Steering Wheel upgrade?

    I had the standard wheel with my first Bennington boat and it was ok.The new has boat has the Corvina and its alot nicer. Solid feel and looks awesome on the boat.