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    Rub rail issues

    I had the same issues on mine and here’s what I did. Used a clamp to hold the rub rail just before where it just started to come out of the channel. Used a heat gun to warm up maybe a 1ft section of the rub rail that had come out, then used a rubber mallet to tap it back in. Once the rub rail...
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    Need new Cover

    Tumacs is the company who makes the Bennington Bimini tops and sleeves. I had to order a new one for my 2006 2275RL and they were super easy to work with, though not cheap. I think I paid around $900 all in with delivery and it was delivered within 2-4 weeks if I remember correctly. Not sure if...
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    Throttle Adjust? Yamaha 704 Remote Control for 150HP outboard

    I’m following this as I have the same issue with my 2006 2275RL. Like you I can get it to WOT still, but it completely covers the cup holder. Would love for it to engage sooner.
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    NAV light wiring connector?

    I believe they are called bullet connectors, but don’t what size they are.
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    Yamaha F150 water line question

    Thank you all for feedback. At this point I’m going to purchase a 1/4 adapter and permanently fix the line. I’ll ask my mechanic about it the next time I take it to him for servicing.
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    Yamaha F150 water line question

    I’m really not sure, I was able to follow it slightly back under the aluminum under skinning, and it did connect to a larger cable which headed towards the console, but that was as far as I made it yesterday after we got it back to the slip.
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    Yamaha F150 water line question

    Hey all, I was out cruising with the family earlier, and while my wife was driving I peaked back at my outboard, 2005 Yamaha F150, to make sure everything looked like it was operating normally. I noticed a liquid squirting out of a small 1/4” line, and it was just water. There was a pinch in the...
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    Broken Bimini clip. Any leads on a replacement? 2002 2075RL

    Glad to help. I have a 2006 that needed some TLC when I bought it, these clips included. I ended up buying a handful of them as I’m sure the ones that weren’t already broken were original and will break at some point.
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    Source for Boat Covers

    I’ll second Tumacs Covers. Did exactly as JTaylor noted above for a Bimini I needed replaced, and they were quick to respond and easy to work with.