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    On Board Tool Box

    You running with two batteries? If not, maybe a Battery powered jumper?
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    How to Transfer Warranty?

    My time as a Bennington owner is coming to an end. The buyer is asking how to transfer the remainder of the boat’s 10 year warranty and the Yamaha Y.E.S. engine warranty... any ideas if this is something the buyer does or the seller? Thanks in advance.
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    Coast Guard Sticker not there/replacement given wrong

    Bennington uses The hull number when they send a replacement sticker... doubt they made a mistake due to the liability if they did.
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    Dented Toon during delivery!

    Shippers insurance will only cover if the damage was documented during delivery.... once it’s accepted it’s gonna be real hard to get them to pay.
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    Cleaning Toons while on Trailer

    spray on with hand pump sprayer, spray off with hose... light use of pad to even out the rub marks from the dock once rinsed... 30 minutes for entire boat and even cleaned the area On the trailer.
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    Best Way to Sell Our Bennington?

    We are going to be selling our Bennington this summer... what method is the best way to connect with potential buyers? Websites or use consignment with a local dealer? Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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    Cleaning Toons while on Trailer

    Not sure if lifting it is worth the hassle and benefit cleaning off the bunks... have you tried using this wash and then just spayed it off (pressure washer is best) after 3-5 minutes? It gets all the gunk/scum off without any real work... might need to agitate it a bit on the water line area...
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    Proper SUV for 21' SLX & 115hp motor

    Full size SUV or truck w/ V8 combined with a double axle trailer with brakes. Don’t skimp on the trailer and ensure it has quality radial tires.
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    20' SLG Tri-Toon Prop

    Big tip... my dealer had to adjust the engine mount height to get it just right after two test rides. I haven't been on the lake since October... but 5800-5900 rpm comes to mind. I normally cruise at 20 due to wife/girls complaining about wind on their hair... but 30+ helps when you need to...
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    20' SLG Tri-Toon Prop

    With two people 34... I have Tritoon sps with lifting strakes.
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    20' SLG Tri-Toon Prop

    I have same size boat and motor... my dealer said this is best prop for the configuration... I was going to put a stainless prop but was told unnecessary and waste of money.
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    Battery wire connecting

    This help?
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    Shallow Channel Access

    Trim the prop up and go slow.... no need for a trolling motor for what you describe.
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    Boat Demand is HIGH !!

    It all depends on some factors; you willing to rent it out part time, how often you’ll use it, and if you like tinkering around the 2nd house. My wife was adamant not to rent. We used it maybe 5-6 night each month while girls were in HS... once college started we used it 3-4... now that they...
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    Just bought

    we have a similar 2017 model we are selling this year (w/trailer)... can I ask what you bought it for?