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    New Bennington Owner in 2022 - Boat Hoist Questions

    Look at captains choice in saint johns mi. I have one and love it! Beat bang for the buck! I’ve had it for three seasons and it has been perfect.
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    Favorite furniture layout & Why

    As much as I love my current swing back, I had a 2012 GCW that was pretty cool. The GCW I had was a pontoon with a 115 that was not very performance oriented by design. I think my next boat would be a rear facing lounger tri-Toon with a big motor! I think the swing back looks a lot more modern...
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    How much did you use it?

    Well the season is coming to an end here in Michigan. Just got the boat out of the water along with the hoist and dock. Finished up my first season with my brand new Bennington with 121 hours. The boat perform very well with very very few problems. I am extremely satisfied! How many hours did...
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    2021 24LX ESP .125 300HP What to Expect WOT?

    My SHO 250 has the same operation of water flow. Takes just a little bit for it to start and the stream is not a heavy high pressure stream. But I don’t have any overheating issues at the motor stays right at about 120° no matter how I run it
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    2021 24LX ESP .125 300HP What to Expect WOT?

    Take a picture of a mounting holes on your transom. I don’t think this is purely a prop situation. I believe mounting height will be ultimately something to look at as well. I don’t believe a prop will change the speed by 10-15 miles an hour. The prop that is on there is pretty close to what I...
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    2021 24LX ESP .125 300HP What to Expect WOT?

    I would think your under proped since you are getting 5900 loaded up pretty good. On a light load you will be at/above rev limits. I am still curious about motor mounting height.In my experience you should be able to trim the motor up approximately 25° or so before it starts to ventilate if the...
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    2021 24LX ESP .125 300HP What to Expect WOT?

    That seems about 10 MPH low of what I would expect as normal. My 23LXSB with a yammi SHO 250 rather well loaded up still runs 40 plus. I run the same prop that you do. I do have the S PS plus hull. you mentioned the mounting, all the way up would mean there is a couple of holes above the bolts...
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    Roswell audio upgrade

    Here’s my take, It is a very good upgrade from the standard, and noticeable better then the kicker. The sub is strong and produces strong tight bass. Has very clear sound. It still could use more speaker locations to be a better system. For the money you could potentially send the boat out and...
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    Lx swingback vs R series swingback

    Michigan has a 55 MPH limit on inland lakes I believe. for the record I am very satisfied with my LX 23 with a Yamaha SHO 250. Runs 47 mph. I did the upgraded Roswell sound, sounds very good but could use about two more speakers sprinkled in the interior. The R series does have a very luxurious...
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    White Simtex-Thoughts

    It looks very cool, so far I find the simtex a little difficult to keep spots off of. Being white I would imagine it’s even more difficult. I have been told that I am a little OCD about cleanliness.
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    should it be faster 2022 Benning ton rx sport 400 verado

    I would expect more as well. Seems like with the RPM you are achieving you could stand for a different prop. Either larger diameter/pitch. In full disclosure, I have no experience with a boat motor that size. What hull do you have? ESP or SPS plus?
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    Roswell Stereo

    Also I will point out, that it blows away the kicker system as my friend on the lake ordered a new Bennington with the kicker and the Roswell is definitely a better system by far
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    Roswell Stereo

    Yes, I ordered it on my 2021 LX swing back. I have had boats with radios that were custom in the past. It is a pricey option at about $3000. Overall I am quite satisfied with it. It does deliver very good quality sound. Clear and has some boom in the sub. I guess my biggest complaint is the boat...
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    The Benny gods smiled on my docking attempt

    You got it Ace!
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    Throttle not working correctly - Help!

    I had the same kind of problems with digital controls on a Evinrude G2. They never could figure it out so I got rid of the boat. Please make sure your post and let me know once it’s fixed what the problem was. Always wanted to know what was really wrong with my boat and went round and round with...