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    Skinning Strategy

    On a poontoon, the rear (aft) half would be the most benefit. Most pontoons have the aft half of the boat “dragging” so the skinning would have the most affect in the aft. I would want to have at least 3/4 of the bottom skinned if I was doing the project. That would be the most benefit.
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    Boat transport-Michigan

    Have you considered renting a trailer and marking the trip? Assuming you have a tow vehicle.
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    Adding Speakers to Sport Arch

    I would wire them to the head unit rear channel, then you know that you will Not be taking away from the current speakers performance , and will have a full 25w to those two speakers. My 2 cents
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    Lift in shallow water

    Nice, you do have some very shallow shore lines on that lake in spots!
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    Lift in shallow water

    I have been lifting My Tritoons from “under the deck” for many years. And my lake here in Michigan I would say 60% of the pontoons are done this way. Most lift companies offer both Bunk and under deck mounts. It shouldn’t be that hard to convert.
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    What should the height or depth of the motor be on the pontoon?

    Is this a pontoon? Or a Tritoon? If it’s a pontoon Does it have lifting strakes? If it’s a standard pontoon you will never fully plane off. You’ll just hit maximum speed while pushing water.
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    iPhone cordless charger

    I was thinking about that myself in the same location. The only thing negatively that I can think of is that the cell phone Will most likely be in direct sunlight. I’ve had many occasions where the phone goes into overheat mode.
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    Best Way to Sell Our Bennington?

    I would think as strong as the market for boats is you can sell it yourself locally. I would suggest Facebook marketplace and Craig’s list as they are free and pretty successful.
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    My First Boat: maybe buying tomorrow. 2008 2275RL. a few questions

    Is it a twin tube or a twin tube? You maybe under powered with that boat for a Thrilling ride for the kids. If it’s a twin tube I would expect mid 20’s at most for top end. Maybe more if it has lifting strakes. Take it for a ride and see what you think.
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    23 LXSB build (its here! W/pics)

    Well it’s official. Just signed my life away for 120 easy payments. Ordered it in mid September, it was built in January, arrived late February, paid for today. Have it scheduled for a May 1 delivery to my home. Let the fun begin!
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    New Pontoon

    My guess would be the dealer/salesperson meant “best value”. Lower model with nice upgrade like SPS etc. bang for your buck kind of thing. Enjoy the boat!
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    The loss of my best friend

    Congratulations, good looking fur buddy you got there! Looks happy already.
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    Post up your other toys or hobbies ..... AGAIN

    I think from what I have seen they are pretty close to the mark! I love that they used the elements of the original 1966 through 1977 model. Judging by the amount of accessories that are available and flexibility of the vehicle I bet you they’re going to give jeep wrangler a real run for market...
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    Need advice on first pontoon

    Is it a pontoon? Or a tri toon. If it is a two tube boat does it have lifting strakes? I had a similar Boat that was a standard pontoon with a 115 and it would pull a tube, but it was very limited. I wouldn’t exactly call it a thrilling ride.
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    ‘My new 2021 RSBW has arrived

    So, I see you have the Roswell sound in the boat. Did you get a chance to listen to it? If so, what did you think?