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    Engine surging

    Thanks for the replies guys, it sucks because I have babied that engine since birth
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    Engine surging

    2019 and it’s still under warranty
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    Engine surging

    Was out on the lake today and when I tried to accelerate to 5000 rpm my engine surged to 6500. I immediately backed it down to 4000 rpm and it did it on its own again and I had to throttle back to 3000 rpm. It was moving the boat ok but I have noticed I have been losing some speed this season. I...
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    Why it’s worth it!

    So glad you got your boat back!
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    In the Water

    Wowie! Sweet ride! Congratulations
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    New Problems - Near Electrical Fire

    So glad you finally got your boat back! With what you went through you’d think they would have wrapped it in a big bow and had her sparkling
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    Tight Mooring Cover

    We leave ours zipped, work front to back and exit the rear door. We actually use the zipper as a starting point to know where to line up
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    Be careful out there !!

    Dang, just don’t get how that happens, I’m assuming at 11 am no alcohol was involved. Why in the world wouldn’t you wear a life jacket
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    First Time Owner- 24LX

    Absolutely gorgeous!
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    I'll show you mine, if you'll show me yours......

    Brookville lake Indiana
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    2022 Q - it's finally gonna happen!

    I was joking lol! Beautiful boat
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    2022 Q - it's finally gonna happen!

    What’s that big crack on the port side tune?
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    2022 Q - it's finally gonna happen!

    Awesome looking boat!