Hello from the great state of Florida

Not in the area but welcome!!
Hello all,

Picked up a 2008 22 GSI over the weekend. It has a Yamaha 4 stroke 150. I live in Odessa, FL and joined the group because pontoon boats are new to me and I will I know I will need some advice!
Welcome, Carl! I tow our Benny down to Florida about 3 times a year. We have a place down on the Butler chain in Orlando. You're going to love your boat. Enjoy the forum. Great information all through it.
Welcome to the family Carl .... oh yeah .... PICS !!!! :D
Just looking for some Bennington owners that get salty. We don't have ours yet (got smitten at the Tampa Boat Show yesterday), but are working our way ...

This picture was taken Labor Day weekend at Egmont Key. Though it's hard to see it, there's a 9 year old Bennington in the mix, and we spoke with the owners at length. The boat looks great and was certainly being enjoyed.

DO IT !!!! You won't regret it !!!!
VERY nice pix
I am just picking up my new 18SFX fishing Bennington on Monday. We live on a fresh-water lake in Inverness, but will also be towing it to Crystal River and Yankeetown to fish the flats. I really like the salt-water fishing better. I have been using a Pro-line 18ft for the gulf and a 22 ft Hurricane Deck Boat for my dock on the lake. But decided to get down to 1 boat that should do both jobs. I say jobs, as I am retired.

Will be adding pictures, as soon as we take delivery.
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Welcome aboard abypfcs, can tell by your avatar you will fit right in :p
I have uploaded some pictures to the gallery, and will put a couple in this post.  I haven't figured out how to adjust the size of the picture yet. 

I have been inputting some GPS coordinates for the gulf in my GPS, but haven't yet had the boat to the gulf.  I am going to the Arkansas vs Alabama football game next week, so plan on heading the gulf the following week.

Still trying to learn about the Lowrance GPS and the Minnkota I Pilot.




Hello all,

Picked up a 2008 22 GSI over the weekend. It has a Yamaha 4 stroke 150. I live in Odessa, FL and joined the group because pontoon boats are new to me and I will I know I will need some advice!
The 150 engine will get up and run on a 22' boat if it has ellipticals or lifting strakes of any kind.  It should perform very well for you.
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Had a 2005 207si, 60hp - first boat. Bought it with 28 hours. Sold it 5 years later with 600 hours. We enjoyed the pontoon lifestyle so much that my wife and I (in our 30's) decided to buy a new one.

Ordered a new 2350 RBR, and decked it out!

Black on black

Java interior, pillow top

Seagrass in front, teak aft deck

Garmin 541 gps

Filler front cushion with custom made seat fillers for sleeping

Custom camper enclosure

ESP package

200 Yamaha

Underwater and Bimini lights

Wet sounds amplified stereo with sub and Bluetooth

Custom blade powerpole

Integrated magma grill

The ultimate sandbar machine, and in ten minutes, camper enclosure converts it to a floating tent with close a king sized bed.

We ordered this Feb. 24. Dealer gave us a March 5 build date - expecting in about 3 weeks for my B-Day on March 30. Fingers crossed!

We are keeping this at a marina, high and dry, inside storage, but they refused to lift it with the standard forks on their lift. Apparently with the elliptical pontoons coupled with the lifting strikes and wave shield, they don't want to chance ruining something. So, continental is building me a cradle made specific to the boat so the forks lift the cradle for easy in and out.

We live in Sarasota, Fl. If anyone has any more suggestions, please feel free to recommend something. We love the boating around here and we loaded this boat because we can utilize each upgrade and with a 7 year warranty, it puts worries on the back burner!
Great build Come Monday, Saw the RBR at a boat show this year and she is sexy.  Am curious though, how are you setting it up so that you have a large bed? 
Welcome and comgrats! Did you also get power assisted steering?
Thanks. I spent a lot of time designing this because it's got everything I wished my 2005 could've had.

I opted for the front table in the middle of the bow seating, this way the mount for the pole is factory installed. My dealer has a company that custom builds things like filler cushions, but needed a center support. The cushions will match the vinyl color and all be foldable on hinges so you can stow them. They will be connected to the center pole mount. I haven't seen it, but my dealer assured me it'd connect the bow seating starboard to port. I'm curious how they'll do it but I'm sure it'll look and function great. I'll post pics when they're done.